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Last Tuesday (23.02.2021) we did a little test for our parachute and the release mechanism, after some trial and error we managed to simulate a few falls.🤓


We released the parachute with the dummy weight only from 30-40 meters because of some problems with the release mechanism, which are still unknown at the moment..🤔

We used the plastic bar you see in the video to measure once more the device’s downfall speed, given the height from which it was released it should have already reached it’s final speed, so the estimations should be correct. In fact it turns out that our parachute is too big, confirming the measurments we did from our school window. This means that we will have to reduce its size or cut out a spill hole of some sorts.

We are going to test again tomorrow with the modified parachute, but not with a dummy weight this time..😉