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Today we tried the first prototype of our parachute. We threw it out of a window, about 11 meters high.

To simulate our CanSat we used a can filled with some dummy weights (for a total of 351g).

This is how the first throw went..😝

Not exactly ideal🤣.. we apologize for disturbing the lesson that was going on in that classroom😇😊

We threw it once more and this time a bit further away from the wall..

By analizing this video in post, thanks to the timestamps and frames, we could estimate the parachute’s falling velocity. We developed and sized the parachute to have a specific falling velocity, and today we could confirm that or calculations were pretty close to reality. 

We’re going to test it again, more precisely, and then decide if we need to make any further changes to the size.

The attaching loop was done with a heat-shrink sleeve, like this we can reinforce the loop and also riunite all the ropes.


Speaking of changes.. after the throw we strength tested again our parachute and the sewings of some attachments let go, so we are going to try another sewing pattern, maybe a stronger one with more string but we don’t wanna exaggerate, the weight has to be contained.

Even though the first test didn’t go like I wished, it was to be expected. This is a normal part of research and development, in our case some things broke others didn’t.. but all of what happend is very useful for developing an even better version of the parachute.

At this rate we’re going to be more than ready for our final launch!🤓💪